Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Another Tuesday from the backyard…

Hello Everyone…
We’ve had lovely…almost “fallish” weather here on the northern prairie…
A delightful break from the hot and humid!

I’ve spent many days in the backyard…dyeing, gardening, hooking, reading…
our winters are so long, I like to take advantage of every moment outdoors…
to store it up…to savor it.

I was responding to an email form my friend Kris
(many of you have met her…she’s my right-hand at many events)
She’s not on social media, but I think occasionally pops in here to see what I’m up to;)

Usually by this time of year we would have had many coffees, lunches, garden tours, road trips and a few dye sessions together…
But, then, these are not USUAL times.

Anyway…as I typed my note to Kris, I realized it would be a great recap to share with you on the blog!

“Yes, I’ve been playing in the pots. My friend Karen sold her house. I was helping her pack and move. I’ve become the foster yard for her eclectic statuary and odd garden art. While hauling it out of her yard, I step on a walnut…then I saw them all over the ground! Isn’t this WAY EARLY?? I took half of a 13 gal kitchen size plastic bag…hoping the bag wouldn’t rip. Interesting shades from these. I’ve done both no mordant and alum/cot…then…
decided to cut down the stinging nettles I planted in the older washer. They were starting to flower and didn’t want to risk missing it and letting them go to seed. Enough for a tiny skein of super fine merino (alum/cot)…then did an iron after dip…on a tiny black walnut too…”
“I finally got around to stewing up the Tansy you gave me…gosh I don’t remember how long ago…”
Am I the only one who loves the smell of Tansy?
…it’s delightful.

"And the Japanese Knotweed is waiting…When can you come over to play?
This is one pot that I couldn’t find room for in the beds!"

I’ll be listing plant-dyed wools in the Etsy Shop soon…I working on some sweet bundles!

Stay well, stay safe, be kind, be creative


  1. I wish we had fallish weather it has been so humid here just swampy. Our winters are long too but I am looking forward to fall weather. you have been busy for sure.

  2. A letter to a friend— what a welcome idea. I don’t know what Tansy smells like, but Sweet Annie intoxicates me.
    Winter is overlong here too but we’re currently HOT


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