Saturday, November 29, 2014

Good Saturday Eve...

Dear Friends,
I hope you had a Great Thanksgiving Holiday!

It's been a very busy and happy week here.
Our son heads back to campus tomorrow:(
but will be back in a few weeks for winter break:)
hard to believe his 1st semester of college is almost behind him.

Tonight I'm finishing Holly~Tree
My newest wooly cupboard hanger
Stitched of my hand-dyed wool with wool threads and black walnut aged ticking.
This is my December offering for Early Work Mercantile tomorrow night.

This week I'll be pulling the last loops in On The Hill
The 2015 Annual Rug project

when the sample is complete...I can move on to prepping the kits that will begins shipping in January.

Have a good week ~ L

Friday, November 14, 2014

So much excitement...

The excitement about my 2015 edition of the Annual Rug Project has been heartwarming!
I’m hooking as fast as possible to get the sample finished for all to see.
Yesterday’s sneak peek fueled many questions,
so this morning I posted order info on the website,
you will find it here ~
Here is Part One...

I will post photos of Part’s 2 & 3 as soon as possible…
Thanks so much for your interest ~ Laurie

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brrr…Winter has come to the Northern Prairie…

Hello Dear Friends…
Altho’ it is the middle of November, it sure feels like January
I know many of you are experiencing the same…
Good weather to hunker down under a good rug project;)

I’m working on the design for the 2015 Annual Rug Project.
After the appeal and success of last year’s project, Primitive Medallions…I admit that this year’s choice was very difficult for me.
There are loads of sketches on my drawing table…
And the one that kept popping to the top is a prim pictorial I’ve named “On The Hill”.

It measures 22” x 34” and like last year will be a THREE part project.
...linen pattern and 1st wool kit will ship in January 2014

Even tho’ the cost of materials keeps going up, I’m hoping to keep pricing the same!
I know many of you would like to include the Annual Rug Project on your list to Santa
So I hope to be able to have details on the website and do a proper unveiling soon!

Keep safe and warm, ♥ ~L

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Arrived in the studio today...

The website has been up and mostly down today...hopefully this will all be fixed soon...yes I'm getting grayer;)

I've been adding more items to my Etsy Shop'll find this newest edition of A Simple Life magazine and other goodies there.

It's beginning to feel like November here on the Northern Prairie...snowing up north...drizzly here...
a perfect night to snuggle in with a cup of tea and a good read!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Website woes...

I've hesitated posting this...perhaps it is denial...perhaps just too overwhelming… but there is uncertainty ahead…

For reasons unknown to me (and many other site owners) the host of our websites decided not to renew her contract with the web server…she’s gone without a word.

I contacted the server and was reassured that there were no plans to close done any sites…but service has been out for extended periods and it is quite unnerving!

For now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well. The thought of building a whole new site is sickening. It is a huge time commitment…and, frankly now when I’m caring for my elderly parents…time I just don’t have.

I LOVE my site…it’s been years of tweeking to get it to the cozy, welcoming place that everyone has enjoyed for nearly two decades.

So…if you try to visit and can’t get thru…please don’t give up on me…
the studio is packed with wooly goodness…

You can always contact me here on the blog…

thru FaceBook at

Or my Etsy shop

I’ll keep you posted on any permanent changes…
Have a great day ~ Laurie