Tuesday, July 28, 2020

A Little Backyard Dyeing...

One of my favorite plants to dye with is Coreopsis.
This is "Solanna ~ Golden Sphere"...not as hardy here as Tickseed, but it has the loveliest blossoms and I adore the colors it yields on wool.

Today I've been mordanting more wool fabric and yarn...

I use Alum and Cream of Tartar as my mordants on wool.

I'm still boiling up Black Walnuts...it's been a good year
tho' it seems so EARLY this year...
nothing is normal;)
simmering some wool fabric and yarns in black walnut, along with some osnaburg and cotton velvet I plan to use for eco-printing!
I'll show you those when they are dry...so stop back!

My bench box and pattern book arrived today...

All the patterns are WONDERFUL...
and the quality of the bench box is amazing...
I'm thrilled to have contributed to the ATHA Biennial KC 2021 Fundraiser!

I've had my pattern drawn on linen ever since I submitted it for the pattern booklet...
I need to get hooking.
I know that i'm using Black Walnut dyed wool for the background...and I've got some scraps of my Attic Blue...a mix of Saxon Blue...a weaker indigo and Cutch...maybe some paisley...

So please stop back to see my progress...
~ Laurie

PS...If you are interested in ordering the pattern book and/or bench box...see my previous post...or see the August/September issue of ATHA magazine!


  1. I did natural dying and I love it just hard to replicate if you need it. I will check out the fund raiser.

  2. Oh those dyed wools turned out beautifully!!!! ~Robin~

  3. So pretty! I enjoyed seeing some of your process.

  4. Be still my heart! Those wool colors are fabulous, Laurie. I was drawn to the fiber arts many years ago (49 but who's counting) when I walked into the local pioneer craft school and spied a basket of handspun yarn dyed with various plants. Your dye projects have me swooning once again.


  5. Your dyeing is so ambitious— good for you! The bench box rugs at my heart. I must look into those


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