Monday, January 30, 2017

Second post of the day...

Crazy, I know! Silent for weeks...months, and here I am again;)

Well, I just got the go ahead to "let the cat out of the bag"...
Registration is NOW open for From Our Hands ~ Creative & Spring Mercantile
April 24 thru 27, 2017
Yellow Springs, Ohio

I'm so honored that Rebekah L. Smith and Lori Ann Corelis invited me to Ohio to teach! These days, I rarely teach outside the Twin Cities area...but I'm hitting the road and will teach 2 punch needle classes and a rug hooking class. Lots of goodies planned for the mercantile, too!

I can't wait to meet Rebekah L. Smith, Lori Ann Corelis, Stacy Nash and Donna Bennett in person! I've long admired their will be a delight to spend these days with kindred spirits.

Click this link to see all the fun projects/register

Looking forward to seeing some of my long time Ohio customers and many others that will be traveling to this renowned event! ~Laurie

Where did January go?

Thanks for your is still January right???
Part One kits of Shady Spot are going out in the mail this week;)
I'll finish drawing the patterns this afternoon after I get Dad's home from his doctor appointments...then it's just to seal the boxes and print mailing labels!

It's such a great feeling when everything comes together in a rug....
that "ah-ha moment" when I step away from the frame and the rug looks just like it did in my head;)

While going through my sketchbook, thinking about what to offer for this, the 12th edition of my Annual Rug Projects, I came across a folded piece of paper of this photo I found years ago…a wonderful mid-18th century wallet. Two ponies standing beneath fanciful flowers…I love everything about it…and hope you will enjoy my adaptation!

There are a few spots remaining for this the 12th edition of my annual rug projects
...visit the website for more info...

I'll be back soon to share other exciting news for things happening later this Spring...have a great day ~ Laurie

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Days 4 and my year of stitches...

Good Morning Friends,
It's a wicked -7 degrees outside...but the sun is pouring thru the windows and it's cozy inside.

I didn't get to post yesterday's stitch, it was a full day...some are like that...most are;)

You may have noticed...I seem stuck in a variation of chain stitches...there are many to explore!

Day 4 was Lazy Daisy...and Day 5 adds some sweet Colonial Knots...

You can follow all my stitches on Instagram
I'll still post about them here and on Facebook...but not sure I can keep up daily with all three.

Thanks to everyone who has taken time to comment...nice to know there are so many kindred souls out there ~ Laurie

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 3 in 1 Year of Stitches

Day 3...
Chain Stitch
one of my all time favorites...
The next few days will build on the this least that is the current plan;)

back in the day, most of my jeans and shirts had bits of embroidery on them!
I doodled on all my school notebooks...and stitched on any piece of cloth that was in reach!

Today is filled with finishing class models, prepping "Shady Spot" ~ the 2017 Annual LJF Rug Project, a doctor appointment and errands for Dad. I hate having to take him out when it is so cold and icy...
but my mantra is "we do what we have to do"
Then it's back to a little stitch and wool therapy
Wishing you all a happy day! ~L
#woolyredug #1yearofstitches #1yearofstitches2017 @bpbstitches

Monday, January 2, 2017

Day 2 ~ 1 Year of Stitches

Day 2...
Tulip Stitch
I'm stitching on a vintage piece of muslin that I picked up at Playing Possum Antiques & Whimsy in St. Peter, MN.
We stopped in to browse on our drive home from our niece's wedding in Sioux Falls. The wedding was wonderful, it was great seeing family and fun catching up with everyone!

But now it's time to put the holidays behind me, focus on many projects in between caring for Mom and Dad...
Lots of exciting things to come this year!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 ~ Happy New Year

Here's my New Year's resolution...
A little "stitch" therapy...
A stitch a day for 2017...

a satin stitch heart and stem stitch 2017

Read more about the challenge of stitches on here #bpbstitches on Sara's blog!