Monday, January 31, 2011

Sneak Peak...

Where do the months go?!?!?!
It's already time for new goodies on Early Work Mercantile
Here's a snippet of one of my offerings that will be opening at midnight.

Yes, it's snowing guilt here for playing with wool!

Be well dear friends ~L

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Arrivals...and Studio Cleaning!

Maggie Bonanomi's newest book arrived a few days ago! Almost 20 years ago I was fascinated with making books...and I love making journal covers...Maggie's techniques combine...basic bookmaking...wool applique and a whimsy of design!!! A fun project on a cold winter's day!

I'm a bit behind in getting the website many...we've been down with the flu...or some nasty bug. Nick was home from school most of last week...and I was down for the count most of the weekend. Lucky for him, Paul was a much warmer climate.

But...there is nothing like bolts and bolts of lovely new wool to brighten this gal's spirit!!!

While lying around with not even enough energy to pick up my mind on over load...I'm a multi-tasker...definitely not a time waster. I know that when you are's your body's way of saying..."Take care of me"...but all I could think was..."What a waste of time...and there is so much that needs doing!"
So now that I'm back to the land of living...I want to throw open the windows and start the Spring cleaning. It's been in the mid-20's the last few days...might hit 32 tomorrow...ha...heat wave...still not quite window washing hey...How 'bout a SALE instead?!?!?!

Now, Paul will tell me...not to fret...the movers will pack it all...but...well I guess I'm in the mood to lighten the Pattern load...Select wool applique, punch needle, and cross stitch patterns are being marked down! I should have the website totally updated by the weekend...I hope you'll hop over for a look...there just might be a deal on something you've been looking for!

Be Warm and Safe Dear Friends ~L

Friday, January 14, 2011


...inches of SNOW this Winter!
We've had light fluffy flakes throughout most of the day...and the temps are dropping. This is usually the coldest weekend in January...Where is our January THAW???

I've been keeping warm finishing up my Plum Pony...

...26" x 33"...linen patterns are now available on the website!

Lots of lovely new wool will be arriving this week too! I'll be keeping busy hooking some smaller mats for the February 1st release at Early Work Mercantile. I've also got to get working on the stitching from the previous post...reminds me of a favorite quote...
Buttons and Patches
and the cold wind blowing...
The days pass quickly
when I am sewing

...don't know who said this...but I'm sure we'd be friends!
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you are safe & staying warm ~L

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Already Thinking Spring...

It's a bitter cold night...these old windows are rattling...and I'm thinking Spring!
Been digging in the scrap the itch to stitch! Deadlines are nearing for a few other projects...then I'll be happily stitching on this...Stay warm ~L