Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello Friends...
How can it be that another month is coming to an end?
Springtime is busy around here with I'm glad that Summer is upon us and we can settle back into visiting at the monthly in studio Hooking~Stitching Groups!

Summer often brings travelers through the is always a treat for me to welcome cyber-wooly friends to the studio...ANY day!

Today, I'm finishing up goods for tonight's Early Work Mercantile update...

A variety of Needle Punched Pins and a Hearts and Tulips Hooked Pillow
A few stitches left...hoping to make the MidNight deadline!

Then it's back to working on a few commissioned peices
...with breaks to pull a few weeds!

A BIG Thank You for your comments and generous bids on the We Unite For Oklahoma Auctions. I'm happy my Spring Quilt hooked mat and Wooly Ornament raised a good amount and 100% of it was forwarded to the Red Cross to help those in need in Oklahoma!!!

Hope the sun is shining on YOU ~L

Who comes with Summer to this earth
And owes to June her day of birth,
With ring of Agate on her hand,
Can health, wealth, and long life command

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Handwork to HELP those in NEED...

I've joined a group on Facebook...
We Unite For Oklahoma

to auction some of my handwork...

ALL money received will be sent to the Red Cross to help those devastated in Oklahoma...
You can join the group to place a bid...or to list your own items to auction

To me, handwork has always been meditative…each stitch I take or loop I pull is like a prayer. And at times like this…it could not be more true ~ Laurie

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

40 Degree Difference...'s 92 degrees outside right now...
it was in the 50's this past weekend at
Shepherd's Harvest Festival

there were even a few snowflakes...
but that didn't stop the wool lovers from coming out!

my dried lavender bundles were a big was SO COLD on Saturday that my nose was frozen and I couldn't smell it...but I sold out both I guess everyone else could!

This is such a GREAT event...I'm always too busy to venture out of my booth. Nick helps me out on Sunday...he's good to his Momma on Mother's Day!
he took some sweet pics in the lamb barn...I'll post them soon!

Hope you are having a GREAT Tuesday! ~L