Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yes...I'm going crazy

...Wool Crazy!

I really wasn't going to jump on this...but just couldn't help myself.
Click on the underlined Wool Crazy link above to check out JoAnn Mullaly's great book!

It's been a delightful break from all the rugs and dye projects that I've got going on right now.
Just a few stitches here and soul soothing...a visual journal that will grow bit by bit.

Details on a monthly stitching day at the studio will be coming soon...probably starting early this summer!

Some gorgeous shades of Valdani #8 Pearl Cotton are now in stock, too! ~L

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Featured in Rug Hooking Magazine...

The March/April/May issues arrived at the studio/shop I guess I can share "Clover" with you now! My sweet little bunny mat is the free pull out pattern is this issue.

They left out the photos of the fabric swatches...probably a space I will post them here (and on the website when I have a chance).

If you don't want to draw it out or dye your own wool...the linen pattern and/or kit is available exclusively through Rug Hooking Magazine (1-877-462-2604) until June 30, 2010...after that on my website.

Today was very Springy...lots of melting snow...but SO much more to go...
be back soon ~L