Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Solstice!

Summer is finally here...
such a strange year...we really didn't have Spring...the gardens are a mess...and my herb garden is really sad

I don't remember such a year...and now the heat and humidity have arrived...and storms are brewing

So it will be a bit steamy in the studio at Hooking Group tomorrow...but I'm still looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

Lots of travelers have been passing thru and stopping to visit and shop at the studio. It is always such a pleasure to meet kindred spirits! A few weeks ago some very special visitors were here...

Many of you may recognize Miss Zoe!
Lori ~ HomeSpunPrims, her husband Brian and sweet little Zoe stopped by on their way thru town!
I've had the pleasure of knowing Lori online for many was delightful to meet her and her family in person!!!

Looking forward to meeting many more wooly travelers soon...