Monday, January 10, 2022

Happy New Year ~ * ~

Here I go again with an attempt to resurrect this blog!

2022 is starting off on a weather roller coaster here on the northern edge of the prairie. We are currently in the deep freeze, and oh the winds…but tomorrow’s forecast is for above 30 degrees F.
Looking forward to trying out the new snowshoes my guys gave me!

It’s paperwork season…my least favorite. I’ve made great progress these past few months with culling out STUFF…mine…my families…my parents…but mostly mine. Feels good to let go and to get organized…and the bonus is there are only a FEW things I can’t find…You know, I put them in “that” logical place;)

One project that keeps getting put off is a pictorial journal of last year’s gardens. It was a hard, dry year. And of course last year’s backyard dyepots…I’m MISSING my flip-flops and cooking up some plants for glorious colors in the back yard.

A big shout of thanks to those who shopped “Arts of the Holidays”, at Minnetonka Center for the Arts this season. It was so good to be able to offer my work in a physical space again! I hope everyone who purchased my mats is enjoying them and feeling good when they use or see them:)

Thanks for visiting, leave a comment if you wish.
Be Well, be kind and I’ll be back soon ~ L


  1. so nice to see you post again! Your gardens look wonderful hard year or not.
    I hope the new year brings more posts

    1. Happy New Year Cathy!
      Yes, I hope so too! ~ Laurie

  2. Welcome back! It’s good to hear from you. I miss my flip flops too. I love your sweet flower mat.

  3. So there you are! Always good to see a post pop up from you. Your garden looks like a bit of Eden for creativity and imagination. Happy New Year Laurie! ~Robin~

    1. Happy New Year Robin! Thanks for stopping by❤️ ~ Laurie


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