Monday, October 3, 2011

~ * ~ Catching Up ~ * ~

It’s been a beautiful Autumn day with temps well above normal...
and dry...I’ve been moving the sprinkler from garden to garden all day...

The ash tree near the back patio is suddenly a blaze and I could spend hours sitting beneath it...but not today...

With the Autumn Valley hook-in behind me there is much to catch up on...our neighbors gifted us with Fireside apples from their the apple sauce is simmering on the stove...cinnamon and clove scents the whole house...the canning jars are ready...what a treat this will be on a cold winters day!

I’m working on getting the final part of “Brocade”...the 2011 Rug Project together...I’m hoping to have the kits ready to mail by weeks end. I’ve got lots of ideas for the 2012 rug...nothing final...except maybe the border?!?!
I’ll leave you today with a couple pics of some wonderful sunflowers a friend gave me last week...I love how they look above the potting bench in the back of the house...thanks again Chris Ann!!!
Wishing you all a Good Autumn Eve...~L


  1. Oh....I can so smell that applesauce....Yum! And love, love, love, those sunflowers....I usually depend on our birds and chippers to plant my volunteer sunflowers, but this year, they let me no sunflower heads for me...Wishing you a week filled with blessings ~ Robin

  2. Isn't fall just the best season. We've been having some wonderful sunny, warm days and the the trees are stunningly beautiful this year. Enjoy your applesauce!

  3. Hi, how are you? Is the applesauce difficult to make up? I am always afraid to try canning for fear I will do something wrong and the contents will be spoiled.
    So that's the tree I have in my back yard. I wondered if it was ash or poplar. I had planted one when my daughter was born as a tribute (we named her Ashley-"from the ash tree meadow") and it was so many years ago that I forgot what it looked like. Thank you for the post that brought back loving thoughts.
    Warm Regards,


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