Thursday, September 3, 2015

finding TREASURE...

Good Day Dear Ones,
These late summer days are perfect for finding treasure...
these gems are nature's gift...
black walnut is my favorite dyestuff...
and today my squirrel friends have shared with me...
they took their portion...for breakfast or perhaps to hide for a winter's day...
and left some magic for my dyepot!
Enjoy this fine day ~ L


  1. I'm intrigued! We had those trees in our yard growing up too! What color do you get using the shell and fiber I'm assuming.
    I'm loving the cooler weather this week in the west, hopefully the fires will get under control if not out. It has been a very devastating fire season.


    1. Hi Carrie, Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      You can get a range of lovely tans to deep browns using the green outer husk of black walnuts! You can see in the photo where the inside is starting to oxidize. In a short time it turns completely brown and will stain anything it comes in contact with;)
      My thoughts are with those suffering from the horrible.

  2. I have six black walnut trees in pots that I grew from seed. A blogging friend sent me the nuts for dye. I saved some for my own trees.
    Do you get a good black from the black walnuts?

    1. Hi Farm Girl!
      Thanks for stopping by! I've never gotten black...but some rich, yummy dark browns!
      If you lot of BW, I hope you'll give it a try:)


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