Monday, August 24, 2015

Stitching Therapy…

There is something so calming about sitting down with needle and thread…

an old army blanket slowly being transformed into a autumn bed topper…easy to pick up and stitch for a minute here and there…

The summer has flown by. I drove Nick back to ISU last week. I’m so excited for him…all his hard work last year in the core design program paid off…he is now in the architecture program! Living his dream…as anyone who came to the studio years ago would know…browsing for wool amidst Lego towers;) The house is quiet again…and I miss him…but my hours are still filled with caring for Mom & Dad…and keeping up with commissions and orders!

The past few evenings I enjoyed a little needle & thread therapy and stitched this sweet sewing caddy from Rebekah L Smith’s phenomenal book “Wool Applique Folk Art”.

This great, new book flew out of the studio. I’ve had more copies on order for weeks, hoping they arrive soon! There is a Facebook group…Wooly Stitchers… a small group of stitcher’s working our way thru the projects in this wonderful book…

Our first project was “Wooly Windows”… I stitched my runner using naturally dyed wools…most dyed by my sweet friend Kris from her bountiful garden’s harvest! The perfect pairing for my black walnut dyed backgrounds.

I’m not sure what I’ll stitch next…but it is good for me to put aside “my WORK handwork” now and then and just play!

Taking this as a positive sign…

the last 2 times I’ve had Chinese take-out I’ve gotten the same fortune…
I’ve accepted a faculty position at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts
more information to come…
but my classes will start the first week of January 2016!

Enjoy these late summer days…the smell of autumn is already in the air!


  1. Oh, I just adore your old army blanket transformation !

  2. Hi Laurie
    What fun designs you did.
    I love the 'window' design a lot - such pretty colors.
    The pocket is just adorable. I love how it has been finished off with the turned in edge.
    Thanks for sharing - oh and congrats to your son - I know what an quiet home is like...when our 3 boys were gone it was a lonely feeling and you constantly 'reflect'.

  3. I bought that book and I find each design such a wonderful gift to make. Which I haven't done yet,
    I hope to get to it soon though. I love your fortune.


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