Monday, September 28, 2015

A Full Autumn Monday...

Good Day...
Yep, it is a full and busy day in the studio!
In between processing orders and dye pots...
my work on adapting favorite rug patterns to other formats continues.

Loving how my sweet partridge is coming to life in punch needle;)
Hope you have a lovely day ~ Laurie


  1. I'm excited about the punch needle patterns!! I have always wanted to learn hooking but I have soooo much stash of cross stitch, punch needle & wool appliqué.that I can't start another hobby!! Lol. Gonna check out the etsy!!

    1. Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for visiting and taking time to leave a comment! I really love to hear from readers!
      I'll have the punch needle patterns up as soon as keeping checking the Etsy shop;)
      They'll be offered as both PDF Downloadable and Paper Patterns!
      I'll be sure to announce it here on on the L. J.Fibers at The Wooly Red Rug Facebook page, too!
      Have a great day, Laurie

  2. I think they are just beautiful.


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