Rug Hooking Techniques...Hit-n-Miss...and More...

The easiest way to keep ends from looking messy and forming a ditch is to stagger your cut ends. Hook your first row normally having a trimmed end on each side. Begin your second row by pulling up your tail in the hole where you would normally pull your 1st loop. Now go back and pull a loop in the hole you skipped, ignore your tail and pull your second loop on the other side of it. When you reach the end of the row, leave a bit of slack in your strip, make sure the strip is not twisted and pull the tail up in the hole before the last. Now pull up your last loop. Keep your hook in the loop and gently pull on the tail to tighten the strip on the under side of backing. Hook the rest of the hit-n-miss section by repeating this “staggering of tails” Trim tails even with loops.

Another method is to actually “hide the tail” inside a loop. This is a bit tricky to get the hang of at first, but I know some hookers who hide or bury ALL of their tails. This technique is especially good when there isn’t a bordering row. The downside to this method is it is a bit bulky. Not so pleasing with thicker wool. Another word of very careful when trimming, it’s easy to cut a loop!

a great technique for beauty-lines, flowers, bird wings

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