Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This & That Tuesday...

Happy Tuesday to You...I hope you are having a good day...

I'm working on checking things off the proverbial "to-do" list...and it feels so good!

All of the pre-ordered 2013 Annual Rug Project ~ Part One kits have gone out in the mail...Only SIX kits remain...
So if you have been thinking of joining in on this year's rug...please order soon to avoid disappointment!

On the work table today...
my Hand-Dyed Wool Sample Books...

Thankfully, when I first released this edition a few years ago, I had the presence of mind to pre-cut all the samples! Organized Chaos!!!

Next on the list is to put together a print edition catalog of my designs. It is a tedious process...and one that seems out of date so quickly...but I get so many requests from people who can't always connect via computer. And perhaps it is like holding a good book or magazine...images and ideas seem more alive...the tangible!
Once the catalog is ready, I plan to make it available as a PDF download, too!

There is much to do to get ready for the upcoming Spring Events...getting these publishing projects accomplished is a great start!

What are you checking of your list??

Be Well ~ L


  1. It does feel so good to whittle away at that list!....I'm trying! Enjoy your day!


  2. Hi Laurie,,,,Looks like you are hard at work !! How long till your hand dyed wool sample booklets are ready for purchase again ?? I would love to get one !! Wonderful about publishing a pattern book/catalog !! Good idea like you said, lots of folks want to see it closer, tangible ???
    Keep it up...Awesome !!

    1. Hi Robin, Got 'em done!!! Thanks! ~L

  3. Hey Ladies, Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your encouraging comments! Always appreciated...and especially today when working on tedious tasks!!! ~L

  4. Oh goodness...I wish I had your organizational skills...and I love, love, love all the creative work you do !!!


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