Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inside Blooms...

Spring MAYBE on it's way...somewhere...someday?!?!
We've had lots of sun...but still a lot of dirty white remains. I've been hooking wee little flower mats

Getting ready for Shepherd's Harvest Festival and other Spring-time events.

It's hard to be patient for warm breezes, the sweet smell of lilacs and time to dig in the dirt. It seems like winter is dragging on...but I remember other years so much worse than this...1985...I was moving in a blizzard on April 1st...NO Fooling!

The signs are all around...tho' they may not be tiny sprouts peeking out yet...they are there. The angle of the sun...and the lingering evening light. The other night I stood in the yard mesmerized by the was way past 8 o' was above freezing...and the beauty and stillness were beyond belief.

Back in the studio...full of treasures...

To embellish my signature heart pins...
and dream of blossoms to come...
Have a Happy Day ~L


  1. Oh the cold winds haven't stopped you from making some lovely blooms. Wonderful little hooked flowers and I'm sure they will be a nice addition to your booth at the festival.

  2. beautiful blooms!'ll be nice and green shortly!..all the dirty white will step aside..blooming colors will steal the show. Love your lil hearts.

  3. hi laurie, im hoping to get down that way for the hook in! thankful for the blogs and pictures tho! my son is settled in duluth now and i did just spend a weekend with them. the sun is shining and the water is dripping but we have a ways to go. little by little is good tho... enjoy your day!!

  4. "Buttonnnnss" You have to say that in a cookie monster voice. Love buttons!
    What a great post.


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