Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Morning stillness...

Several inches of snow fell throughout the day yesterday

and all was quiet when I turned out the lights last night

this is what we woke to...

Beautiful...even in March

A cozy day inside the studio...
dye pots on the stove...the last of the background wool for "Pines to Prairie"
my hope is to get the Part One kits shipped out by the end of the week!
There are still a few available if you want to join in and hook the 2013 LJF Annual Rug!

I've been working on Part Two...and am quite pleased!

Hope you are warm and cozy today...


  1. That rug is gonna be gorgeous

  2. always love to see what you are up too! love your rug and colors laurie! i spent last weekend in Duluth visiting my son/wife. it snowed all weekend! big straight down snow flakes..beautiful but, i think im ready for green. enjoy your day laurie!


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