Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Workin' Wednesday...

It feels SO good to be getting down to business...I've had to put so many ideas on hold for far too long... I'm playing new hand-dyed wool samples...I've been out of the old color cards for a while, not wanting to make new when our water source would be excuse now girls!!! I have had this idea to do it in a little booklet a good start on it this morning!
...No...this isn't going to be a recipe book...I mean...I think there are enough of those floating around...and I don't dye my wool in the conventional rug hooker's way. Most of my colors I formulated back in my old spinning and weaving I really this old???

Anyway it's a fun day here even if it's cool and cloudy for our first full day of summer. The greens are rich after all the rain...and the herb garden is so fragrant! Hope you have lovely day! ~L


  1. Oh I am intrigued by the new/old water source issue for the dyeing! I am leaving city water and sewer for septic and well. I am actually curious about how the well water will change my dye results. I'm not so rigid that I won't dye again...I'll just adapt to what happens in the dye pots with the new water...but it'll be interesting. I love dyeing too much to give it up, even if the colors aren't exact! Were they ever in the past?

  2. Yes, Courtney, you may have some lovely surprises!
    I was actually looking forward to the challenge...tho' I don't think my customers were! Since we are now staying put I won't need to be reworking my ole' recipes...and have no excuse for not making these sample sets!
    Hope your move goes smoothly! ~L

  3. I'm happy for you Laurie that you've come to your decisions on the move. I know this living in limbo has had to be hard for all of you.

    Hugs - Karen

  4. Hi Karen...Great to hear from you!
    Glad to see you back in blogland!


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