Friday, June 24, 2011

Anna in the garden

it is too wet for me to be in the garden...
going thru old family photos...
here is a picture of my maternal Great-Grandmother Anna...
in her garden...I'm guessing sometime in the early 1920's
...she and my Great-Grandfather Joe
came to the USA in 1900
...she passed in 1924 at age 67
...six years before my mother was born
I was married with her gold wedding band...

looking for sunshine...
wish we could share the rain
with all those who really need it!


  1. What a great picture. Sometimes the things we love come from deep inside us generations past.
    My grandmother loved flowers. I never met her but I love to garden. Hugs

  2. Cheri...Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note!
    I know exactly what you mean! I've always felt a strong connection to Anna and her daughter Grandma who also passed before I was born. I'm sure I get my love of needle & thread from them! Thankfully my Mom has shared many stories with me!
    Have a great day ~ L
    P.S. Love Larkrise, too!

  3. Wonderful photo! I got my love of gardening from my Grandmother. She could do magic out there!

  4. I just love old photos! Wishing I could send you some sunshine in exchange for rain :)

  5. Morning Ladies!
    Ginger...we got sun! Hope you get the much needed rain!'s on my "to hook" list!


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