Saturday, August 21, 2010

It certainly has been an interesting summer around here. Little did I know that moving the studio/shop back home was just the beginning of the chaos. Then in the final hours the website was saved, when another host service bought the host company I’ve been with for 9 years. There have been a few glitches and I’m still working on building a new site, but for the most part the ole’ site is working and I’ll be adding new product as time permits!

So you say...”What NOW???” Last week, my husband accepted a promotion that will have us relocating to the Milwaukee area. I’m thrilled for him...but this is a major life change for our son and me. Nick starts 9th grade a week from Monday...I’ve lived in the area all my life...this house for 17 years. I’m trying to keep my sense of humor...or risk crumbling into pieces! The good news is I can run The Wooly Red Rug from anywhere! We are looking for a home in Cedarburg, WI, which is an old woolen mill town with a huge arts community. The thought of having like minded souls around is a big comfort...and the Winery sounds inviting, too! ~L


  1. Hi Laurie,

    Wow, you are experiencing changes.
    I practice yoga and the one thing that is always constant is the message about impermanence...
    Sounds like a new adventure is waiting for you and your family...another door opens.
    Sending you lots of energy to find the strength and courage to follow your path.
    Big HUG

  2. Blessings to you on your new move! I strongly feel that everything happens for a reason... and this move might wind up being a most needed wonderful part in your continued growth and success with wooly red rug... not to mention a winery? Ooooooh-yah! Enjoy the ride!

  3. Thanks for the hugs and encouragement!!!
    This is an exciting difficult as it is to leave family and the familar...I KNOW this is exactly the path we should follow.
    I tend to get overwhelmed by the little details...but also know everything will work out for the best. ~L

  4. The book "Who moved my cheese" comes to mind with all the changes brought your way. Hang in there and things will work out! I have to be honest and cheer a little, because now I'll only be a 3 hours from your new place instead of 8. Welcome to the neighborhood and enjoy the winery. Its my personal fav-Wolersheim Winery! Try the River Gold! :o)

  5. Hi Sunny Dawn...How are you???
    I thought I'd write a book..."What I Did On My Summer Vacation"...or..."The Summer of My Discontent"!!!

    The word is spreading rapidly and my Minnesota hookers are dismayed. I'm trying to reassure them that the website will remain and I'll only be an email or phone call away. Glad it will be a shorter drive for YOU! ~L

  6. Oh Laurie - wow - what changes for you! I'm sure it will be hard on your son but then again - maybe there is a reason and it will be the best move ever! And like-minded souls - too cool! Enjoy

  7. Thanks Joanne,
    It's going to be hardest on Grandpa! He and Nick are best buddies! We already told my folks we'd get them set up with skpe or a webcam or whatever that is...that's Paul and Nick's department! 14 is a hard age for major changes...but then a resilient age too...all will work out!

  8. I am a believer that things happen for a reason.. hopefully all of this choas will bring a wonderful change in your lives.

  9. Even though change can be exciting and fun it's a bummer that you and your shop will not be in our area. So, looking forward to having you at the Autumn Valley Hook-In before you leave! So how far away is Cedarburg, WI? Hooker road trip??

  10. This may well bring you unimagined joys. It is the right time for a move for your son and he will have the opportunity to be the interesting new guy and then settle in to the new high school and those new friends that he just doesn't know yet. That future move will have positive results for your husband, and you will have fun connecting with a new artistic community and doing a new home.

  11. I am thinking you will fit into the Cedarburg area just fine. They have some really fun shops there along with some nice outdoor festivals. You'll have to keep us posted should you set up shop again-i'd love to visit. I use to live in Menomonee Falls but 9 years ago moved to Sun Prairie. I go back ever so often to visit my favorite hangouts, but there aren't many wool shops around. Hang in there--you'll fit in great! Actually we are finally moving to a new home-you'll hate the packing!! I just want to get it done & let the fun of decorating a new home begin! Best Wishes, Tammy

  12. Cedarburg is a great place - only visited there a few times but loved the town. Wish you the best.

    I moved from IL 8 years ago (after living there for 57 years) to CA and I did adjust. Just have to go with the right attitude, which I am sure you will. Look at it as an adventure!!!

    Good Luck,


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