Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another BUMP in the road...

Just when I thought things were settling down...finding there place...another BUMP!
I received an email this morning that my website server is permanently shutting down on Friday, August 6th. What can I say...I'm stunned...and scrambling to get a new site up and running! In the meantime...please know that you can contact me via email with questions or to place and order!
This too shall pass!?!?!


  1. Hey Laurie
    Keep your chin up...
    Another door will open...
    Sending you a big HUG

  2. Bless you Tony,
    You always say the right thing. Please know your comment meant a lot to me!!!

  3. Remain a huge fan/follower and will be sure to keep the hookers in NJ apprised of your situation. Hope this hurdle is resolved for you soon and I bet it ends up being a godsend.
    You are a class act.
    Cheers (and prayers),

  4. Thanks Kathleen,
    Your prayers were answered!


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