Monday, January 19, 2009

Wonderful New Woolies...

...arrived today at the studio and I just finished getting it up on the website! My UPS driver, Pete is a trouper! 100's of yards of wool...bursting out of boxes!!! Can you tell...I'm just a wee bit excited?!?!? Some old Honeycomb and Wild Mushroom are back in stock, too!

And even more will be arriving in a few weeks...Life IS good! ~L


  1. Nothing better than wool, except more wool! Those sure look yummy!

  2. I Love Love Love those colors!
    Looking forward to seeing more
    goodies! Enjoy opening all your
    woolie wonders.

  3. OH MY! WOW!! Great wool, I see why you are excited, I am excited too!LOL~! I will have to order again soon!! I can see all kinds od woolies come to life with those awesome colors!! HUGS! Cathy

  4. Hi Ladies~
    Yes, Nothing like lovely wool to brighten the day ~L

  5. YUM YUM YUM - nothing like wool is all I can say whether it's fresh off the truck or in your wonderful store. I need a trip down to see you soon :).

    hugs- Karen


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