Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coming out of the deep freeze...

...and thinking of Spring while finishing hooking the first part of this year’s project rug!
The easy part is on to cutting the kits...draw up the patterns and finish the instruction booklet. My goal is to have the kits out in the mail by weeks end!

Hope warmer breezes are blowing where ever you’s still snowing here...but at least the thermometer reads on the plus side of zero!

Warm wooly hugs ~ L


  1. Hey Laurie...WOW, that's going to be just an awesome rug! Way to go. I hope you had a lot of hookers sign up for this BOM!

  2. sure to check out my blog...there's something there for you. Congratulations!

  3. Thanks Jacque, Yes we are off to a good start on this year's project!
    I'm hopping over to your blog right now.
    Hope you are warming up...a bit warmer here...but still lots of fluffy flakes. ~ L

  4. Beautiful colors on the sampler Laurie. We too have been huddling under our quilts. Today is better and tomorrow will be great. My daughter is marching in the inaugural parade in D.C.!! (Morton High School marching Band. Can you tell I'm a proud mom?! Stay warm!

  5. how pretty..I am just now learning to do this craft...starting small till I can get a large frame...

  6. So Dawn, Did you get to see your daughter marching? Can you imagine ALL those people? What an amazing day!!! Your daughter will have wonderful stories to tell! ~L

  7. Hi MommaB, Welcome to my little nook in Blog~land!

    Starting to hook on a small project is definitely the way to go! Your technique will rapidly improve from you first few loops to your last. I hope you enjoy it!
    If you ever have questions...just ask...I've been pulling loops for over 30 years...yeek...and more than happy to help! ~L

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  9. Yes Laurie, I got to see her. I thought my heart would burst with pride. Lots of chears and tears! We were even fortunate enough to get a still pic of her off abc newslink. Thanks for the note.
    Stay warm!


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