Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Have you ever felt this way???

I had such high hopes of updating my website this past be ready for "Cyber Monday" or "Black Monday"...what ever it's called...LOL...anyway...DH decided to install the new printer/scanner/fax that has been sitting in the box for months...yep you guessed it...nothing is working right at the moment. So...fingers crossed...hopefully this will get thru!

Now I don't mean to whine and complain...because I have been getting a bunch of stitching, knitting and hooking done! And slowly all the NEW things that have arrived at the studio WILL find there way to the website...until mantra is...PATIENCE!

Hope your aren't running in cirlces and that your day is bright and sunny!
Check out the bottom of this page...I just added some goodies to my Etsy shop...

Wooly hugs, L


  1. I can relate.... always spinning in circles here! Best wishes getting caught up dear friend. :) I'm off to looks at your Etsy.


  2. Thanks Betty...I KNOW I'm in good company...Wooly hugs, L

  3. Well, Laurie...all I can say is that there is NEVER enough time in the day and I always feel as if I'm spinning my wheels. YIKES!!! I am getting Christmas gifts sewn, though...whew. Hang in there!

  4. Hi Jacque...Thanks for stopping by!
    Are you getting snowed on? It's been really come down here today! Very pretty...but driving's no fun!
    Glad you are getting some presents done. I've been knitting, stitchin' and hookin' a bunch, too!
    Yesterday I made peppermint on to the jellies!
    Wooly hugs, L


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