Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year Wishes...

Best Wishes to you and yours for a Happy, Healthy, Bountiful New Year!
I've been busy catching up on lots of unfinished projects. The new scanner is...well...shall I say...difficult and uncooperative. I need it to work so I can proceed with many website updates...and finish my design of the 2009 LJF Rug Project.
So rather than whine about it while I wait for hubby to perform miracles...I've been working on tidying up around my loom...it has been a storage area for way too long. I've knit a few pair of socks...finally made myself a Christmas stocking...something I've been meaning to do for years! I made hubby's in 1994 and son's in 1996.

And today I painted up a box for my stitching stuff.

I use a beeswax-mineral oil finish on my painted pieces...so as soon as it's dry I'll loading it with all my stitching treasures!

It's amazing how many things I've found under my loom...and NO...I won't show you a picture of that room! I want to get the loom warped to weave some towels. I wove about these 12 years ago and they are just starting to wear out. I remember my son was 6 months old and would sit on my lap and pull on the beater bar...such fond memories!

We live a pretty simple life...but a couple luxuries I enjoy are hand-knit socks and hand woven dish towels.

May you all be blessed...


  1. Happy New Year to you too! I too have been doing some much needed cleaning in my wool/sewing area.
    I've got a quilt on the table waiting to be finished and a rug project in the basket ready to go.
    Now that the holidays are over, its time to make a resolution of sewing and hooking more. That's one resolution that won't be hard to keep! Enjoy!

  2. You are so right Dawn! Doesn't it feel great to finish a project? And get things staightened up, too?
    Now just to keep 'em that way!
    For me the creative process is just NOT tidy...LOL!!! ~L

  3. In your spare time....LOL...why not weave more towels and then put them on your website for sale!
    I'm putting in an order now should you choose to go into the towel business. Happy New Year my friend. Jo

  4. Ya right Jo, I'll put that on my list...LOL!!!
    Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!

  5. Your stitching box is such a darling project! It'll be perfect for keeping all your supplies at hand and under control - did you make your box? Or find it already made somewhere?

  6. Hi Gayle,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment! No, I didn't make the box...it's an unfinished one I picked up years ago. I liked it because it resembles a book...another love of mine...anyway...it got tucked away...just found it when I was cleaning out the loom room! ~L

  7. Well, you sure did a great job of fixing it up - I just love it!


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