Friday, September 26, 2008

Freebie for the First Friday of Fall...

Grab your scrap baskets and hook up some fun fall pins!
My gift to you today...
3 of my Autumn pin designs and easy directions for how I make ‘em!
Happy Hookin, L

You will need:
* Monk’s Cloth, Linen or Burlap backing
* Red-Dot tracer (optional way of transferring design to backing)
* A variety of wool strips…perfect way to use up odds and ends!
* Small scraps of coordinating wool for pin backs
* “Wonder-under” fusible web
* Marking pen (Shapie permanent marker)
* Fray-Chek and craft glue
* 1” or 1 1/2"metal pin back
* Hook, frame or hoop and scissors
* Steam iron and towels

These pins require only a small amount of foundation fabric. I like to save the “trimmings” from larger rugs and machine stitch them together in a patchwork/crazy quilt fashion to make a large enough piece of backing to attach to my hooking frame.

To transfer the designs to your foundation you can either cut out the shapes and trace then on using a marking pen…OR…Using Red-Dot tracing fabric, trace over the designs, then lay the “Red-Dot” fabric on your backing and trace the image again. The ink will go thru the tracer fabric to your backing.

Hook the pins. These small shapes hook up best in a #5 to #6 cut, but you can always hand trim wider wool strips. After hooking, use heavy towels and a steam iron to block the ornaments. Let dry.

Cut a scrap of wool a bit larger than the pin size. Following manufacture’s directions, fuse “Wonder-Under” to this piece of wool with an iron. (Craft glue may be used in place of fusible webbing, but leaves a hard stiff finish.) Allow to cool, and peel off paper. Place web side down on back side of pin and fuse. Let cool. Using a small sharp scissors, trim backing close to last row of hooking.

Using a permanent “Sharpie” marker, go around the edge of the pin to color any light foundation that shows. Apply “Fray-Chek” to seal the edges. Let dry. Glue or sew on metal pin back.


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  2. Your fall pins are adorable. Thanks for the patterns!! Julie:)

  3. Thanks for the freebie, they are so cute! Always love when you post.

  4. I love the pin patterns! Thanks so much for sharing with us. Love your blog.

  5. Your designs are too cute. Very generous of you to share. Thanks!


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