Wednesday, September 3, 2008

End of Summer Sweetness...

What a bountiful year...I beat the raccoons to the vines this year and oh my...I must have picked 30+ pounds of grapes! I share them with my neighbor son likes her jelly better...go figure?!?!? They taste the same to us...we’ve thought about just swapping labels...he’d probably never know...LOL! So...that’s how I spent my Labor Day...steaming up an already hot ~ humid kitchen with the sweet smell of 27 jars of jelly!
There are more grapes still ripening on the vine...but I think I’ll leave them for the critters!

The weather turned “fall~like” favorite...sweater weather! Now it’s off to the studio and the dyepots for me...Wooly hugs, L


  1. Your rugs are gorgeous!! You are very talented!

  2. Linda,
    Many thanks for your kind words! I'm hoppin' over to your blog to check it out...and hope you'll come back here and visit often!

  3. Love your rugs too, such talent! I do have the frame and tool to do rug hooking just no where to buy the wool.
    Have a great evening.

  4. Rondell,
    Thanks so much...I'm glad you like more work...and that you've come back for a visit.
    I'd be happy to get you hooked on hooking!
    Check out my website at: when you have a chance...I've got oodles of wool and mail out daily via the PO!!!


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