Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer's Glory

Sunflowers always bring a smile...they are such "happy" flowers...Who doesn't smile when seeing a sunflower?!?

On our drive to the Black Hills we always pass a huge field of's along I90, just east of the Missouri River. One of these trips I need to get off and take some pictures! the Summer days dwindle...and the crisp breezes of Autumn fill the air...may you SMILE and...


  1. Love your hooked sunflower rugs espcially Keep on the Sunny Side it's one of my favorite sayings.
    I have a little award for you if you have time to stop by my blog.

  2. Hi Ginger, Thanks so much for your kind words! We have the Sunny Side rug hanging over our front to pass along that thought as people leave to face the world!!!
    I'm heading overto your place right now to see what you have for me...Many Thanks! L

  3. I love your sunflower and crow rug! Is that one of your patterns?

  4. Hi Paula,
    I'm so happy you like my "Glory Crow" rug...yes it's one of my oldie but goodie's the
    link to it on my website


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