Friday, August 22, 2008


There is nothing in the world more peaceful than apple-leaves with an early moon.
Alice Meynell~1847-1922

...and nothing so sweet! Oh how I love this time of year...the Honey Crisps will soon be here...our favorite apple orchard said they should be ready Labor Day weekend!!! In the meantime I hope you enjoy the wool applique and rug I hooked last fall to celebrate this glorious season...


  1. Great design, Laurie! Honey fave!!! Glad you reminded me that they'll soon be ready. Love the 'apple tyme' design.

  2. Just beautiful, fall will be here in Pa. before we no it!

  3. Hey Jacque, how are you doing?
    If you can find a new variety called Summer Crisap...give a try. We picked some up on our way to my Mother-in-laws and they were really good...but just whetted my appetite!

    Thanks Rondell, so glad you stopped by again...It's fun to meet another Autumn kindred spirit!

  4. Beautiful hooked rug Laurie!
    Wish we had apple orchards here.


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