Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back Home ~

Sylvan Lake

Just got home from our annual trek to the Black Hills ~ it’s so lovely out there!!! The smell of pine...yum! The weather was perfect...


Waiting at the studio/shop were the October 2008 issues of Early American Life and Celebrations XVIII. I’m waiting for a few quiet moments to devour them both, but WOW this edition of Celebrations is loaded with PRIMITIVES!!! There’s an amazing article on the home of Kaye Swor of Chardon, Ohio. Can’t wait for the kiddo to go to bed tonite so I can drool over this.

I’m pulling the last loops in my 5 Hearts runner...pics coming soon. Need to get busy on “Autumn” things...Yes, I’ve got the Harvest~Tyme itch!!!

scappy pumpkin6
More soon ~ L

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