Monday, September 1, 2014

Autumn is in the air...

Hello My Wooly Friends,
Happy Labor Day...the 1st of September...
and a glorious morning here on the Northern Prairie!

Summer has flown by and I'm settling into Empty-Nest-Hood
A strange territory...but I'm muttling along...

I've been absent here...ticking things off my insanely long to-do list...
with hopes of finishing a clients rug this week...
Shelley has been oh so patient with me!
I'll be at the frame today, pulling the last loops...the binding will come this between days spent helping my folks.

I'm so blessed to still have my parents!
And happy to be able to help them stay in their home...
for months now, I've been there at least 4 days a week...hopefully we are close to getting some help for a couple days a week!
I need to get back in the studio...prep for the Autumn Valley Hook-In...schedule some classes...and just spend some time soothing my soul by creating!

My newest stitch design...Magic now available on Early Work Mercantile
I've had fun stitching some small, portable projects...but have the itch to get going on some big rug designs...stay tuned!

Wishing you all a wonderful day
♥ ~L


  1. love the pumpkins, is there a pattern?

  2. Thanks Marie...not yet...but there will be! I'll post here when they are ready. ~L

  3. Hi Laurie! Hasnt it been the perfect weekend here in MN? Im so thanful to also have my parents just a couple doors down! Ive had a chest cold for a good week so refuse to go over there til well! I chat from the street to them in the porch!! I hope your so is settling in to college life well! My sisters last of 4 sons just went off to college also so shes adjusting. I love fall and all it brings! Enjoy!!


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