Thursday, September 18, 2014

A lovely day...

Warm sunshine was pouring in the studio windows today...
a perfect late summer day!

Maggie Bonanomi's NEWest book...
Thistle Down Moon
has arrived and all the pre-orders have been mailed out.
There are still copies available on the website and you can preview the index there too.
Maggie never disappoints is another fabulous book with 19 prim projects!

I've been enjoying Jill Peterson's newest book
They Make DO
It's perfect to curl up with a cup of tea after along day!
You can see this one on the website, too.

Bolts and bolts of gorgeous wool will be arriving soon...

The 3rd Part of Primitive Medallions is in the works! I'm working hard to get these out in the mail next week!

Tomorrow is 3rd Friday Open Studio Hooking/Stitching!
it will be great to see all the regulars's been such a crazy summer around here and I have missed everyone so much!
If you are in the area...stop in between 11 am and 2 pm..~L


  1. Well darn, I must have hit the delete button because my comment disappeared just like
    Anyway I was saying I love the Medallions and was wondering what they will be used for.
    And so wished I had purchased Jills current book - it sounds like it would be wonderful.


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