Monday, March 24, 2014


it would be beautiful...
if it were not the 24th of March.

Winter Weary...that is what I call it.
Tho' it is not uncommon here on the Northern Prairie to have Spring Snow
....this seems there is no end.

I miss my flip-flops...
and open windows
. I'm tidying the studio...
trying not to dwell on the weather
I'm nearing the end of this beast of a rug...
it will remain nameless...
and so will the designer...
it was so poorly drawn that it will probably never lay straight. I tried to fix it before I started hooking it many years ago.
I finally added a WIDE border that somewhat detracts from the obviously NOT straight original design.
I'm hooking with scraps from various will be okay...and a great...floor-worthy rug!
Have a wonderful Monday ~L


  1. we here in NH are waiting on a snow storm for tomorrow night. I too am snow weary and very ready for flip flops and the curtains blowing in the breeze.

  2. Snowing as I type! So ready to open the windows for a breathe of fresh air.Blessings,Jen


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