Friday, November 8, 2013

Softly falling...

The leaves are not very colorful this year...perhaps the unusual weather we have had...but they are finally falling...
and a chill is in the air...
Last night I finally got around to the basket of apples that were gifted to us...Fireside from our dear neighbors...and Cortlands from Nick's girlfriend's family...The combination cooks up to a delightful, sweet-tangy applesauce!
And the steam from the canner warmed the house!

Tomorrow is "Second Saturday ~Open Studio"
I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone is hooking or stitching!
I need a wool fix...Mom was in the hospital for the first part of the week...
tho' I did knit a bit on some socks while she was napping!
Orders were processed and packed at night when I would return home...It's been a long week...
I think I'll go play in the leaves ~ L

1 comment:

  1. your applesauce sounds wonderful ~ comfort food for sure!
    Hoping your dear momma is well ~
    Blessed be,


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