Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Incredibly HOT...and a NEW LooK

How HOT is it???
This guage is in the shade
...but with the humidity and dewpoint it acutally feels like the mid 90's
and later this afternoon it should be 103!

Don't know about you...but I get stupid when it gets this hot!

I don't mean to complain...but at least in the winter we can always put on a few more layers...
there is only so much this 50 something can take off and still be in polite company
and I do need to make a grocery store run...bet the dairy and frozen food isles will be a popular spot!

So...what do you think of the NEW look here?
I've been wanting to freshen things up around here...but not quite sure...prehaps we will live with this for a bit before deciding whether or not to retreat back to the old familiar.

Hope you have a great day...stay cool ~L


  1. I'm loving this look, Laurie. And I like the snow too! Remind me of that in January, Happy 4th Jan J.

  2. I think your new look is perfect!


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