Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Weekend and Catching Up...

Hello Dear Friends... I hope you are well and send wishes your way for a Happy and Safe Memorial Weekend.
Where has the month gone?
I have been trying to re-group after the Spring events...catching up on orders...putting the studio back together...busy with family and end of school year stuff. Our early Spring weather left me feeling further behind than ever. I had no time to devote to the gardens until after Shepherd's Harvest Festival...which was a delight again this year...
...wonderfully warm weather and record crowds! It is usually cold...see your breath even inside the buildings cold...but not this year...perhaps because I made myself a fun new jacket... keep the chill away!
I've been on a stitching kick lately...
I used to make these style bags when I was in school in the early 70's...and love 'em still today!
All this sewing has made me wild about! I've been playing around with fabric designs that will be so fun for bag linings, pin keep backs and such!
Tulip with Crows ©LLausen One of the founders of Spoonflower was offering a workshop here at the Textile Center and I so wanted to go...but the timing wasn't I've been muttling along on my own. One of my proofs arrived and looks awesome, the others should be here soon...then I will be able to make them available if you are interested. I know several other designers are playing there too...You have to check out

Well this as turned into quite a chatty post...I'll just leave you with a few views of what I have been able to accomplish in the gardens between all the downpours we've had this week...
All the best to you ~ L


  1. I enjoyed your post & all your photos : ) I love the coat you made yourself as well as the flag!

  2. Beautiful jacket. Very creative!
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. laurie, soo nice to hear from you!! such a busy time of the year. looks like you had a wonderful booth, love all your things! beautiful jacket and i love the bags. if you ever make them to sell plz let me know! i like the handles nice and long! great garage saling bags! free hands! love the pictures from your yard also. i love garden time. enjoy your day my friend!


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