Wednesday, May 2, 2012

better late than never...

...I like that saying better than...a day late and a dollar short! Okay...I'm showing my age here...these are old sayings I remember hearing the adults say when I was young. Anyway...I was late getting my May Update on EarlyWork Mercantile
Mid April to Mid May is always hectic with events and just the day to day...but I do love Spring! The weeds will have to wait as I'm keeping my fingers busy stitching and getting ready for Shepherd's Harvest!
Sorry no photos from the Hopkins was a great day...super new location...just no time to take photos... A big THANK YOU for all the comments and well wishes from my last post... Now back to work...
Have a great day ~L


  1. glad you had a nice hook in! no pictures! so we know it was a great time!! also love your latest projects! enjoy your evening and spring!!

  2. oh love your blog--
    My aunt used to make some darling wool? hooked folkartsy rugs.. I loved them watched her make em..
    I was looking around on the web and found you (:)
    My plans are to make a rug ..(:)


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