Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One last look...

I snapped this pic just before I finished binding the is done now.
All that is left is to finish sewing on the label and the casings for rods on the back as my client will be hanging Old Chalk Deer. This sweet face will be heading to North Carolina tomorrow!

Many thanks for all the comments as I posted the progress of this rug!!!

Next up is to get busy with Grandma's 2012 offering for the LJF Annual Rug Project...I'll be back with pics soon...and hope you will follow along as the rug progresses. There are a few kits still available if you'd like to join the on the banner down over on the left side for more information...or give me a holler...

Hope you have a great week~ ~L


  1. Beautiful your client will be happy for sure.

  2. oh the rug turned out perfectly! cute face, great colors and great hooking! congrats its always nice to finish a rug! im still thinking about the annual rug project.. enjoy your day laurie!

  3. Such a beauty! You have a very fortunate client.
    I will definitely be following along again with you on Grandma's Garden.


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