Monday, May 23, 2011

Calm After the Storm...

Wild columbine in our backyard wildflower garden...
Such beauty after such devastation...
The Northside of Minneapolis...the neighborhood I grew up aching today. The roof on the grade school I went to is gone...the stained glass windows at the church across the street are damamged...Thankfully no one here was injured...tho' one man died a few blocks away...Other areas were harder hit...such sadness...
My thoughts are there today...and with those in Missouri, too.
The weather has been wild this Spring...What's up?
Hope you are safe and dry where ever you are!


  1. Our thoughts are with Missouri today. The news clips are devastating. Hard to look at the beauty of the garden while picturing what is happening elsewhere in the country.

  2. Such sad news out of Missouri and Minneapolis -- our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by these terrible storms.

  3. Thanks Ladies for leaving your's all so sad...and happened so quickly....really makes you think...
    Stay safe and give your loved ones a hug!

  4. Glad to hear you are safe........I thought of you and some of the bloggers from the area when I heard the news on TV last evening.

  5. I agree what is up with the devastating weather this year, actually the past few years. I still can't believe we had 2 tornadoes here in Massachusetts! I lived in the midwest for several years and thought the treat of tornadoes were behind me. We seem to have a lot more damaging and frequent winds around here now too. I guess it's all to true about the "global warming" issues I think we are all getting a serious wake up call to do something and stop ignoring what we have done to our environment.

  6. Lauri, Thanks for your and your readers well wishes for those of us in Missouri. I live in Springfield, which is about 70 miles east of Joplin. They said on the news last night that the death count is now up to 153!! Such sad news, but you wouldn't believe the people that are here to help. People really have good hearts. Again, thanks for all your prayers. It will be many years before Joplin, MO. is rebuilt.
    xo, Sheri


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