Friday, January 14, 2011


...inches of SNOW this Winter!
We've had light fluffy flakes throughout most of the day...and the temps are dropping. This is usually the coldest weekend in January...Where is our January THAW???

I've been keeping warm finishing up my Plum Pony...

...26" x 33"...linen patterns are now available on the website!

Lots of lovely new wool will be arriving this week too! I'll be keeping busy hooking some smaller mats for the February 1st release at Early Work Mercantile. I've also got to get working on the stitching from the previous post...reminds me of a favorite quote...
Buttons and Patches
and the cold wind blowing...
The days pass quickly
when I am sewing

...don't know who said this...but I'm sure we'd be friends!
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you are safe & staying warm ~L


  1. Yes, I am anxiously awaiting that dang January thaw too! We just had another 10 inches of snow Wednesday! Enough.....
    Love the colors in your pony rug.

  2. Hi Laurie,
    Looks like we're posting about the same time tonight! You must be all shoveled out! LOL
    Love your rug....... the colors are wonderful! Good to see you hooking and posting!
    Cathy G

  3. Hi Kim and Cathy,
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! ~L

  4. Oh my, now that's a lot of snow. I don't want it!! Your new design is too cute.
    The quote is sweet, I love it! I think you'd be friends too :)


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