Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prayers needed...

Please join me in sending out thoughts and prayers for my son's friends and family. The plane that Luke was piloting went down yesterday in Wyoming...
The Bucklin's were neighbors here on our block for many years. Nick and Nate were school mates of my Nick's since kindergarten...until this year when they chose different highschools. Even so, they've remained friends...all the former Burrough's and Anthony kids are really close. My heart just aches for Ginger and the family...please pray that Luke and the boys are found swiftly and safely!~L


  1. Saw this on the news Laurie. Prayers for you and the family.
    Cathy g

  2. Cathy and RNNJ, Thanks so much!
    It's hard for the kids to settle down tonight, they've been chatting on facebook all night.
    We heard that a helicopter dropped a search crew in and they will start at first light.
    I can't imagine how hard their job is. Praying that they are safe too! ~L

  3. Morning Ginger,
    Thanks for stopping by and for including our friends in your prayers...both are much appreciated!
    Working on the kits...can't wait to see pics of everyone's rugs~L

  4. I will also be praying for the safe return of your friends.

  5. Just letting you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you all. So sad...


  6. Oh my, so sorry to hear that. Prayers are definitely lifted Laurie!

  7. Sending prayers up for the safe return of all involved.
    Such a sad and scary situation.


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