Monday, October 25, 2010

House Blessing...

Hello Everyone...I suppose I should be posting pics of fall decorations and pumpkin carvings...but for tonight this will have to do. This year's rug project is coming to a close...I'll be dyeing the last of the wool for it tomorrow and the kits will be in the mail by the end of the week. A big THANK YOU to all who joined in on the fun this year...You know who you are! For those interested...the linen pattern will be available separately soon...sorry the wool kits are gone.

In between house hunting, I'm working on sorting thru books and patterns. I'm downsizing the shop stock in preparation for our check the website when you can!

JoAnn Mullaly's new book Crazy at Home arrived today!

And...Jill Peterson's NEW book Homecoming should be here anyday now...

...The Winter issues of A Simple Life and A Primitive Place will be here soon, too! ~ Oh the BOUNTY of the season!
Autumn Blessings to you my friends ~L


  1. Laurie, your rug is wonderful. I'm sure everyone who ordered those kits are very pleased!! Good luck with your move, even though they can be stressful at times. Soon you will settle in and be at ease again. What lovely reading coming your way!!

  2. Hi Kathy, Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your kind comments and well wishes. We are still waiting on a house...and yes I wish we were to the "settling" stage...but that's a ways off yet!
    Blustery Autumn winds today...just might be blowing us all the way EAST! ~L


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