Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finishing and Beginning...

I've been away from here for far to long...many loops need pulling...so limiting my time on the computer these days! I just had to stop in and share a few pieces tho'
Tomorrow this Prairie Blossom Chair pad will be on it's way to a client in Massachusetts!

And once again this year...I'm a bit behind on the Annual Rug Project...but hey it's still January...right?

Actually, I am a bit further along on Part One...I'll share another pic soon! For those of you who have already signed up...I'm hoping to have the kits in the mail early next week! If you would like more info or want to join in on the fun...click here to go to the webpage!
Have a Happy Week ~L


  1. O I like that! the color of the flowers looks very nice on that background.


  2. Laurie,
    Your client should be thrilled with her chair pad. Very nicely done! I think you are one of the smart ones who stay off this computer and actually get some hooking done! LOL Cathy G

  3. Hi Laurie, I dabble with rug making and I was wondering what you use for backing? I use hessian.

  4. Morning All...Thanks for your kind comments!
    The flowers really do shine on this antique dark background.

    Cathy...it IS a good thing I don't have a computer at the studio!

    Judith...I'll hook on anything, but my favorite and what I use for all my commissions is unbleached linen. Of course back in the 70's when I started all that was availabe was burlap...makes me itch just thinking about it. If I'm not mistaken, your hessian is a much nicer quality than our (USA) burlap.

    Have a great day...happy hooking! ~L

  5. Hi Laurie,

    The background is delicious. I really like the textured gold around the flower petals - very effective. A lovely chairpad!

  6. Laurie ~
    Love the chairpad and your black background is perfect!

  7. Tony, I love your description...yes delicious!
    It's so much fun to dig thru a mix of strips and hook up some magic!

    Thank you ALL for your kind comments!


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