Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday...All Ready...

Why is it that the camera always needs to be charged???

I snapped this pic before everyone arrived to hook.

Mary Logue came to read from and sign copies of her new poetry collection "Handwork"...she brought some of her fabulous rugs...and when I picked up the got it...that little flashing needed to be charged! I now realize I could have used my cell's relatively new and I forgot it's got a camera...oh well it was a lovely day!

Many Thanks to those you ventured on over in the was very warm and cozy!


  1. My last camera used the same battery pack as my previous one....and I got quite used to always having a spare charged. When I bought my new camera in the summer - I splurged for another battery ($65 - I've finally recovered from the sticker shock.....), and it's already paid for itself in pictures that otherwise would have been missed.

  2. Laurie, What will be will be!
    I always think when that happens I'm supposed to be more present in the moment, rather than peering at it from behind the camera.
    I also think ****. I too have a fully charged spare but I try to heed my "in the moment reminder" as well. I've enjoyed your seasonal excerpts from rugs. Thank you.

  3. Hi Jennifer & Wanda...
    Are you "northern" gals staying warm???
    It's been bitterly cold here in Minnesota so far this December...but I've got my SmartWool on!!!
    A spare battery is a GREAT idea...except my camera is so old the don't have replacement chips or other accessories anymore...maybe I should be asking Santa for a new one!
    Wishing you both a wonderfully wooly day ~L

  4. Hi Laurie,
    Your shop/studio looks so warm, cozy and inviting.
    So, even though there are no folks present in the photo....I can imagine how welcome everyone must feel in your space.
    Looking forward to following you...
    Tony in Montreal, Come by for a visit....

  5. Hi Tony,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.
    Yes, it looked a lot different when everyone was a wonderful afternoon!

  6. I know the feeling, it's so fustrating. I have done it many time also. Thing is you had a great day even without your camera.


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