Friday, January 11, 2019

Hello and Thanks for stopping by…

Lots of changes happening around here this year…my husband retired just before Christmas…
our son will be graduating in May…
AND I have decided to close my beloved website at the end of January!
NO, I’m NOT going out of business…just trying to Simplify things.

Everything is…or will be available in the ETSY SHOP
and in fact on February 1st, will actually direct you there!

I've had the ETSY Shop open since 2007, primarily to sell my handmade goods. They've made changes over the past few years to allow selling supplies and I've been happily filling ETSY orders daily, so making this transition seems like the perfect solution.
I’ve had the ole’ website since 2000 and for the past several years no tech support from the server…can you say nightmare waiting to happen?!? The technology is old and tho’ I love the folky look I’ve worked hard to create there…it’s time for the change.

You may notice some changes here on the blog, too. Just below the header I have updated all the pages…my hooking tips and finishing techniques are now here…I’ll be closing the old PictureTrail site, too.

The studio continues to be open by appointment. Even tho’ Mom and Dad are being well cared for at a nursing home close by, I am still handling everything for them. Overwhelming at times…but blessed that they are still with us.

I haven’t forgotten about the 2019 edition of the Annual LJFibers Rug Project…just a little delayed…
I’ll be back with details soon.
Wishing you all the best, Laurie

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