Monday, June 4, 2018

in the garden...

This year I finally got the chance to work on the south side of our yard...

my new DYE garden...
marigolds, calendula, coreopsis, asters, rudbeckia, dahlias, zinnias, purple basil, sunflowers...with some rosemary, sage, nastursiums, squash and peppers, too ;)
Of course it was THE HOTTEST weather when I was out there building the beds.
On April 16th we had 15+ inches of snow...
and on May 29th it was in the high 90's...feeling like well over 100 degrees.

I re-did my lavender bed, too:)

Everything is growing...this pic is from this morning:)
My happy place...thanks for visiting!
P.S. back soon with a preview of my newest rug design...hooked in all naturally plant dyed wool;)


  1. looking great. I love lavender

  2. Love where you but the bench to sit, smell, and ponder! Looks wonderful

  3. What a lovely garden! Kudos to the gardener! Wishing you great success with this year's crop!


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