Saturday, August 27, 2016

Autumn in the Air…

While having coffee in the garden early this morning
I noticed a tinge of gold on the trees across the way…
A tangible sign of the glory to come!
There have been hints of Autumn in the early morning or evening breezes the past few weeks…
but this colorful clue is a delight!

The summer flew by and my time in the studio continues to be limited,
Fall classes at Minnetonka Center for the Arts begin in a week and half:)
I’m finishing up a rug commission and about to start a few pillows for another client,

but first I need to detour and stitch this little gift for a sweet couple that will be getting married soon!

Thanks for visiting ~ enjoy these summer days ~ Laurie


  1. I Love your house gift!! I live in southwestern AZ and am waiting for the cool air to come. Originally from New England and Autumn is in my heart, if not the air.

  2. Laurie, your gift will surely please the new couple... Beautiful work. Nancy

  3. Fall is showing it's glory here bit by bit too. love your gift great idea.


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