Thursday, May 22, 2014

Unpacked and Back on Track...

This past weekend's festival was so fun...
Saturday is always SO busy the time just flies!
I'm thinking of getting a larger space next year...
it was packed and I'm afraid some people couldn't get in:(

Sunday afternoon, Paul, Nick and Maddy came out to help me pack up.
What a treat that was.

I'm all caught up on orders...such a GOOD feeling!
So now it's just weeds in the garden that are calling me...well...that and I should get a jump on patterns and kits for "something" that will be coming out in June;)
...and of course graduation is 2 weeks from today...eeck...
and...then the grad party and off to registration at ISU!

busy times...good times...wishing you well ~L

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  1. What a lovely booth! I must try to attend this event next year : )


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