Saturday, October 26, 2013

Inside and Out...

Yesterday was a flurry of activity around here... lots of out of town shoppers stopping by the studio to buy wool for their
Fall & Winter hooking and stitching projects
...Wool Nesting inside...
Outside...a major...different kind of nesting project was underway...
the new roof was finally happening!

I love the color and texture of the new shingles...

the new gutters will be installed this of course!
We couldn't be happier with the company and crew!
THANK YOU to all the lovely ladies who braved the construction zone to stock up on wool!

Once things quieted down around here I had a chance to lay out my plan for one of the army blankets I wrote about in the last post.
I've been sorting thru things here in the studio and came across some leftovers from and old make-and-take class we had at the old shop years ago...

On Scrapbasket Saturdays we made pin keeps...

these left over sunflower parts will somehow find their way onto my army blanket!

It's a bright, but chilly Saturday...after packing up some orders and a bit of cleaning
I'm looking forward to some stitching with wool!
Wishing you a bright and cheery Saturday ~L


  1. Hi Laurie,
    It's a nice feeling to have that new roof overhead isn't it?! Roofers have my utmost admiration for the fine work they do while balancing on those steep angles! Your house is so charming and LOVE the red trim!! Can't wait to see what you are doing with the army blanket! I know it will be wonderful!!
    Sending warmth and hugs!!
    Cathy G

    1. Hi Cathy, Thanks for stopping by! Yep, it is a great feeling to have this done...I was getting a little nervous that it wouldn't happen before the snow really settles in. It was great to see my old buddy Jill in Stillwater...thought perhaps you would be there, too...maybe next year!
      Take care and stay warm ~L

  2. Laurie - Your leftover flowers are scrumptious! Can't wait to see how you incorporate them into your new project. I've noticed a couple of my neighbors getting new roofs lately - must be the season!

    1. Hi Gayle, Thanks for visiting and for taking time to comment! I'll post on the blanket's progress...I think it will be fun!
      Hopefully this is the last roof we will ever need;) ~L

  3. Very charming home, Laurie!! Red gutters, love that idea!! What will you be doing with the army blanket???? Curious!! Got my pkg. thanks!!

    1. HI Bev! Thanks for stopping by. Glad your got the dyes...have fun! Check back, I'll post pics of the blanket's fact I'm signing off soon and heading to my stitching chair ~L

  4. Laurie, you are an inspiration. I thank you for answering my questions and for the all the wonderful wool that I purchased.
    Your selections are the best :). Can't wait for another trip in the future. Karin

    1. Hi Karin, you are so welcome, it is always fun when you visit! Thanks for braving the construction zone. I can't wait to see what you do with all the luscious wool. And thanks too, for showing your bounty to Linda...hers is in the email today:)


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