Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Solstice!

Summer is finally here...
such a strange year...we really didn't have Spring...the gardens are a mess...and my herb garden is really sad

I don't remember such a year...and now the heat and humidity have arrived...and storms are brewing

So it will be a bit steamy in the studio at Hooking Group tomorrow...but I'm still looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

Lots of travelers have been passing thru and stopping to visit and shop at the studio. It is always such a pleasure to meet kindred spirits! A few weeks ago some very special visitors were here...

Many of you may recognize Miss Zoe!
Lori ~ HomeSpunPrims, her husband Brian and sweet little Zoe stopped by on their way thru town!
I've had the pleasure of knowing Lori online for many was delightful to meet her and her family in person!!!

Looking forward to meeting many more wooly travelers soon...


  1. We had the best time at your shop/home Laurie! I only wish I could have stayed longer. It was so great to meet you in person at last. It's turning muggy and stormy here too. Time to get the a.c. units out! Have a wonderful time with your hooking group. Hugs, Lori

  2. Hard to believe it's summer when we haven't had much of it here in southeast Wisconsin...only a few days here and there have been 'summer' weather.
    You know...we have gone from air to heat in a day down here!
    How fun to meet Lori!!!

    Where are you actually located, I know i Minneapolis but not sure where in Min....we are going up to Hayward the end of July and also just over the line to MN and if you are close enough by I'd love to stop at your studio!!


    1. Hi Karen!
      Minneapolis is southwest of Hayward, WI...maybe 130 miles...not exactly sure. I'm in the Tangletown neighborhood, just south of Interstate 94 and a few blocks west of Interstate 35W. It would be so great if you could come over for a visit!!!

  3. Hi Laurie! Gosh time goes so fast doesn't it.. its really to hot to do much outside so decided to get some stuff done in the house. my ebay stuff is working out well I do need to of course get more organized... I loved your booth at the lake elmo show. I enlarged the pictures and checked em out closely! lots of beautiful wool, it all looked wonderful. i hope your spring/summers been going well. its really been a weird year tho.. soon my plants will be tall enough to hide the weeds.. i sure have been behind this year. but fun to see whats popping up. well wanted to say hi and see what you were up too! enjoy your day Laurie and have fun tomorrow in your studio!!


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